The Artist

  • Donine Wellman

    I love the creative process of taking a blank canvas and seeing what beauty will emerge. Although I start with a certain idea in mind, to my joy, the piece usually takes on a life of its own with “happy accidents” along the way. I include uplifting sayings or images in my pieces to encourage others, too.

    My influences come from old-world textures and patinas. As having a career in Graphic Design, this also has an effect on the balance and composition of my art. As digital art has become a more accepted medium, I love to create digital collages with some mystery or whimsy added to them, for wraps or printing on metal.

    My hope is that my work, with its old-world textures, graphic elements, and peaceful palates, inspires you and brings joy and beauty to your personal living and commercial spaces.

  • Sid Wellman

    My art consists of whimsical iconic bold graphics, high-contrast Pop Art, ‘Cartoonish to Abstracts.'

    My work is a combination of paintings, and sculptures that are a mixture of pop and abstract art styles. It has always been about the color almost to an obsession. I crave it! I love big bold blasts of color, large drips, and splatters. I use bold black outlines to keep it all organized and to add contrast—it has to have contrast! I grew up aspiring to be a cartoonist which gives it a whimsical feel.

    My art is contemporary, colorful, and ‘happy.’ It brings joy to those that interact with it.